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AOS welcomes all who are enthusiastic about beer and beer culture!

The Akateeminen Olutseura (AOS) – Akademiska Ölsällskapet (AÖS) is a student organisation for beer enthusiasts. The AOS was established in early 2007, and operates within the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY). We are a new, young but rapidly growing organisation. The unofficial name for Akateeminen Olutseura in English is The Academic Beer Society, in German Akademischer Bierverein, in French Société Académique de Bière and in Estonian Akadeemiline Õlleselts.

Through our activities we are striving to promote knowledge and love for beer, as well as beer culture within the university. We think that beer is an underappreciated drink with a low image, and are trying to change this misunderstanding. There are more differences between beers than between wines. This wide range of varieties and richness of taste are what fuels AOS’s love for the drink.

Our organisation’s key events are the Monthly Meetings on the first Monday of every month at 18 o’clock in Kitty’s Public House, Keskuskatu 6 (Citycenter-house aka Makkaratalo, Citykäytävä / Saarisen piha, Helsinki), Beer tastings, bi-annual beer dinners, and whatever else the board comes up with. We also arrange excursions to breweries, beer restaurants, and beer-related festivals, sometimes outside Helsinki. We keep up-to-date on beer-related events and news, and try keep our members informed of developments. Our information can be found from this blog, our Facebook group , and from our members’ mailing list aos-info.

It is very important to us that we receive feedback as well as new ideas about our activities. Our philosophy is that any member of AOS can arrange events, so if you have an idea, feel free to contact the board!

Becoming a member – Register by using the form below!

Want to join? Anyone interested in beer and beer culture can join the AOS! Non-students are welcome as well!

Membership fees along with other fund-raising activities are used to fund our operations. Members will receive discounts at our events, and some events are restricted to non-members.

Mailing list

The mailing list is used for informing members of our activities. You can join the mailing list by sending commands to the address

  • Command to subscribe is subscribe
  • Command to unsubscribe is unsubscribe

Join The Academic Beer Society now!

The membership fee now 1 € – grants membership till 31.7.2023. Payment instructions are located under the form. You will receive a confirmation email after being added to the membership list. You will also be added to our emailing list. Welcome!

The membership fee can be paid through either bank transfer or MobilePay:

Bank account: FI45 3939 0060 8087 14
Recipient: Elina Hietamäki (AOSin taloudenhoitaja)
Amount: 1 €
Message: Jäsenmaksu + First and Last name
Due date: At most 14 days after joining

In case you’ve encountered harassment or other forms of inappropriate behavior in our events, you may contact the board through the harassment contact form found below.

With this form you can contact a board member responsible for handling harassment-related issues. All contacts are confidential.

You can read about HYY’s instructions here.

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